Regence Blue Shield

Gold Benefits
  PCY = per calendar year   Regence providers
  Plan Type Describes how you can use your plan PPO
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  Annual Deductible PCY (choose one)
Family = 2x individual (In-network only)
  Coinsurance Amount you pay after your deductible is met 20%
  Out-of-pocket maximum Includes deductible, coinsurance & copays
Family = 2x individual (In-network only)
  Office Visits PCP office visit 20% (deductible waived)
  10 Essential Benefits Covered Services  
1 Ambulatory Patient Services Outpatient Deductible, then 20%
Spinal manipulation (10 visits PCY);
Acupuncture (12 visits PCY)
Deductible, then 20%
2 Emergency Services Emergency Room - Copay waived if directly admitted to an inpatient facility $200 copay, then deductible, then 20%
Urgent care Deductible, then 20%
Ambulance Deductible, then 20%
3 Hospitalization Inpatient Deductible, then 20%
Organ and tissue transplants Deductible, then 20%
Hospice: unlimited. Respite care: 14 days lifetime Deductible, then 20%
4 Maternity & Newborn Care Prenatal, delivery, postnatal Deductible, then 20%
5 Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Services, including Behavioral Health Treatment Office visit Deductible, then 20%
Inpatient hospital: mental/behavioral health Deductible, then 20%
Outpatient services Deductible, then 20%
6 Prescription Drugs Tier 1 (generic) $10 copay 3
Tier 2 (category 1 formulary brand) Deductible, then 30% 3
Tier 3 (category 2 formulary brand) Deductible, then 50% 3
Tier 4 (specialty) Deductible, then 50% 1
Tier 5 (self–administrable cancer chemotherapy drugs) $10 copay 2,4
Deductible, then 20% 2
7 Rehabilitative & Habilitative Services & Devices Therapy Inpatient rehabilitation: 30 days PCY Deductible, then 20%
Physical, speech, occupational, massage therapy: 25 visits PCY Deductible, then 20%
Durable medical equipment Deductible, then 20%
Skilled nursing facility: 60 days PCY Deductible, then 20%
8 Laboratory Services Includes X-ray, pathology, imaging/diagnostic, MRI, CT, PET Deductible, then 20%
9 Preventive/Wellness Services & Chronic Disease Management Screenings
Covered in full
Exams and immunizations Covered in full
10 Pediatric Services, including Oral & Vision Care
Under 19 years of age
Eye exam: 1 PCY Covered in full
Eyewear: 1 pair lenses/contacts and 1 pair frames PCY Covered in full
Dental: preventive/basic/major 0% / 20% / 50% (deductible waived)
  Optional Benefits Available  
i Adult Dental, Adult Vision and IAP
Covered for members age 19 and older

Adult Dental6

  • No deductible and 0% for Preventive care $50 deductible per calendar year for Basic and Major Care
  • 20% for Basic care
  • 50% for Major care
  • Adult dental waiting periods for enrollees with no prior coverage: 6 months for Basic Services and 12 months for Major Services.
  • $750 annual maximum (When services incurred are less than $750, an additional benefit of $250 may be rewarded the following year, not to exceed a total benefit of $1,500)

Adult Vision

  • No deductible
  • One routine exam, per calendar year no member responsibility
  • Lenses and frames: $150 limit per calendar year

Individual Assistance Program (IAP)

  • Eight sessions no member responsibility
  • Reliant Behavioral Health Network

Prescription benefit details:

  1. First fill allowed at a retail pharmacy. Additional fills must be provided at a specialty pharmacy.
  2. Must be provided at a specialty pharmacy.
  3. Benefit illustrated is for purchases at a retail pharmacy.
  4. Prescription for generic drugs
  5. Prescription formulary brand and specialty drugs.
  6. Adult dental waiting periods: 6 months for Basic Services and 12 months for Major Services.
  • Coverage is limited to a 30-day supply retail or 90-day supply mail order; and a 30-day supply retail / mail order for injectable medications.
  • Coverage is limited to a 30-day supply for specialty and self-administrable cancer chemotherapy medications from a specialty pharmacy.
  • Deductible waived for generic drugs.
  • You are responsible for the difference in cost between a dispensed brand-name drug and the equivalent generic drug, in addition to the copayment and/or coinsurance.

Note: This is a benefit summary only. For a complete description of benefits, refer to your Policy.